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Scientific Library: Aspartame and Weight Management

A. de la Hunty, S. Gibson, M. Ashwell
This meta-analysis shows that replacing even one serving of a sugar-sweetened soft drink with an aspartame-sweetened soft drink every day, can deliver significant weight loss over time.
G. L. Blackburn, B. S. Kanders, P. T. Lavin, S. D. Keller, and J. Wheatley
This study shows that aspartame facilitates weight loss and the maintenance of reduced body weight including in the long-term.
Michael G Tordoff and Annette M Alleva
Drinking large volumes of APM-sweetened soda, in contrast to drinking HFCS-sweetened soda, reduces sugar intake and thus may facilitate the control of calorie intake and body weight.
David S Ludwig, Karen E Peterson, Steven L Gortmaker
Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks is associated with obesity in children.
A.G. Renwick
A review of published data shows that although intense sweeteners have been shown to increase hunger ratings in some studies in humans, this has not been a consistent and reproducible observation.