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Another study shows low calorie sweeteners help maintain weight-loss

The study undertaken by a team of New Zealand and American researchers, published in the International Journal of Obesity, examined the dietary consumption patterns of people who had lost weight and are maintaining their slimness, compared to people who have always maintained a 'normal' weight.

The researchers reported that the first, weight-loss maintainer group consumed three times as many servings of soft drinks sweetened with low calorie sweeteners per day than did the normal weight people.

Led by Suzanne Phelan from California Polytechnic State University, the team wrote, "These findings suggest that weight loss maintainers use more dietary strategies to accomplish their weight loss maintenance, including... reduced consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and increased consumption of [low calorie] beverages."

They went to add, "Ways to promote the use of ...[low calorie] sweeteners merits further research in both prevention- and treatment-controlled trials."

September 2009