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Diabetes Care

Food and drinks sweetened with aspartame allow people with diabetes to enjoy the pleasure of sweet taste without the sugar. Aspartame has no impact on insulin and blood glucose levels.

Key Studies:

R. Gougeon, M. Spidel, K. Lee and C. Field
Daily consumption of aspartame has no effect on blood sugar levels and may improve weight loss and weight control.
B. Härtel, J-H. Graubaum and B. Schneider
People who consumed a low calorie beverage had the same blood sugar level as those who had consumed water.
D. L. Horwitz, M. McLane and P. Kobe
The consumption of beverages sweetened with aspartame did not affect blood sugar levels, either in diabetics or people without diabetes.
G. Okuno, F. Kawakami, H. Tako, T. Kashihara, S. Shibamoto, T. Yamazaki, K. Yamamoto and M. Saeki
Aspartame had no significant effect on blood glucose levels or other parameters and is a useful alternative to sugar for people with diabetes.


aspartame and diabetes ukDiabetes UK
"Aspartame is virtually free of calories, does not affect blood glucose levels and does not cause tooth decay. It can also be helpful for people who are trying to manage their weight."
European Food Safety Authority
The EFSA Panel confirmed that, "consumption of foods/drinks containing aspartame, for example, instead of sugar induces a lower blood sugar rise after meals compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks".

Low calorie food and drinks sweetened with aspartame are helpful for people who have to manage their diet in order to control diabetes. They reduce the overall carbohydrate load and enable diabetics to enjoy a varied and balanced diet with a close-to-normal amount of sweetness.